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Service Agreement

This will be electronically signed when you create your account. I have listed it here for you to refer back to quickly if needed.

The following document is expressly written by Granville Pet Sitting which outlines a comprehensive list of our services, policies, and procedures, and can be referred to at any time as a guide. By signing the Service Agreement provided to you as the Client, or responding via the Time to Pet online portal confirmation of one or multiple pet visits, you are agreeing to the terms of service that are set forth by Granville Pet Sitting. Going forward Granville Pet Sitting in this document will be referred to as "GVPS".

1. The GVPS phone is (740) 400-9050 and the business office hours are every day from 7:30am – 8pm. In the event of an emergency or an urgent concern, Clients should call the office line. The Client may still email only if the Time to Pet online portal is not working. GVPS will do its best to respond promptly. Please note that all requested appointments must be confirmed by GVPS through the Time to Pet online portal to be considered booked once confirmed availability. Texting or verbal requests will not be considered booked. GVPS must be able to view scheduling in the office alongside the Client's Time to Pet online portal request. Text messages may be read while “on the job” and not reviewed again when back in the office. GVPS understands that there may be an emergency for same day service and only confirm visit requests on an individual basis through phone, text and or email. GVPS will do everything possible to answer in a timely manner. 

2. GVPS services the following areas: Granville, Newark areas close enough that they are considered Granville schools. Alexandria and Pataskala up to Beechwood Trails. GVPS offers private and individualized boarding, dog walking, in-your-home overnight (overnights only during off peak times) and drop in pet sitting, pet taxi to and from the groomer/vet's office, home care, on-the-job pet waste and mess removal, administering medication, and more. GVPS will care for every kind of pet: dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, lizards, snakes, turtles, fish, frogs, birds, and everything in between. If an animal has special needs, it is the Client's responsibility to communicate and convey proper care to GVPS and must be noted within the Time to Pet online portal. 

3. GVPS requires one (1) thirty minute meet and greet consultation within the Client's home. This is to introduce the Client’s pet(s) to the GVPS sitter and allow for some bonding time between the sitter and the Client’s pet(s) to ensure both pet(s) and sitter are comfortable with each other. If an alternate GVPS sitter is needed and/or pet care needs have changed, another consultation can be provided for a regular visit rate. It is mandatory that a prearranged consultation be made to make sure both the new pet and GVPS are comfortable with each other. New Boarding clients have a required 1-4 hour stay to determine if they are a good fit within the pet sitters home and do well with other unknown dogs and children.

4. GVPS agrees to provide the services stated in this agreement in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against the company, except those arising from negligence of the pet sitter. Client agrees to notify GVPS of any concerns within 24 hours of return.

5. GVPS will not be liable for the injury, disappearance, death, or fines of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors or anyone unaffiliated with GVPS gaining access onto the Client's property. GVPS accepts no responsibility for security of the premises or loss if any other individuals not associated with GVPS have access to the home during the term of this agreement or future assignments. Pet care will be performed only by GVPS during all requested assignments. It is expressly understood that GVPS shall not be held responsible for any damage to Client's property, or that of others, caused by Client's pets during the period in which they are in its care. The Client will be advised GVPS of all situations in a prompt manner, which will relieve GVPS of liability of damage not directly caused by GVPS.

6. The Client will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to the GVPS pet sitter or other persons by the pet. Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend GVPS, in the event of a claim by any person injured by the pet.

7. GVPS reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term if GVPS, at its sole discretion, determines that the Client's pet poses a danger to the health or safety of the GVPS pet sitter. If safety concerns of any nature prohibit GVPS from properly caring for the pet, the Client authorizes GVPS to contact the Client's Emergency Contact to continue care of the pet or the pet to be placed in a boarding facility, with all charges to be paid by the Client. 

8. If a pet has a history of biting or other aggressive behavior, GVPS reserves the right to refuse services. Bites must be reported to the local authorities as provided by law. Client will be liable for the GVPS representative's medical care expenses and damages that result from an animal bite.

9. The Client authorizes GVPS to obtain any emergency veterinary care that may be necessary during the Client’s absence. The Client authorizes the veterinarian to release the Client’s pet's medical information to GVPS to properly care for the pet. The Client accepts responsibility for any and all charges related to emergency care. The Client authorizes GVPS to utilize an alternative veterinarian in the event the Client ‘s regular veterinarian is unavailable. Every effort will be made to contact the Client prior to obtaining emergency care at contact phone numbers given by the Client; however, medical care will not be withheld from the pet pending notification. The Client agrees to reimburse GVPS for any and all additional fees for providing emergency care as well as any expenses incurred for unexpected visits, transportation, pet boarding, pet food, and pet supplies related to the Client’s pet(s).

10. GVPS reserves the right to use company equipment to safely and efficiently walk the Clients’ dogs on leashes. GVPS does not condone the use of aversive equipment such as ill fitted prong collars, shock collars (e-collars), choke chains, or retractable leashes. If Client does not provide proper dog walking equipment, GVPS will use company owned tools. All dog visits include a leashed-only walk or enclosed backyard potty break, fresh water, feeding if requested, treats, and cleanup of pet accidents to the best of the sitter’s ability.

11. GVPS offers visits in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments, 2 hour extended evening visits and overnight visits (this is a premium service that must be reserved by making a non-refundable 50% deposit). Overnight visits (upon availability) usually start in the evening between 8-10pm and end no later than 7:30am. If multiple consecutive overnight visits are scheduled, the Client is responsible and agrees for arranging a separate mid-day (30, 45, or 60 minute) visit specifically for all dogs that do not have open access (ex. dog door) to a secure/enclosed patio or backyard to relieve him/herself. For Clients that travel out of the city, state or country, GVPS requires minimally three (3) thirty minute visits per day (during regular office hours 7:30am-730pm) to keep the stress levels at a minimum for the dog(s) which will allow for exercise, potty breaks, personalized attention, feeding, etc. (applies to all indoor dogs when Client is gone minimally 12 hours, otherwise 2 visits are strongly recommended). Since flexibility is important in scheduling our sitters, if your animal has a flexible care routine, we reserve the right to adjust your time frame to help accommodate other pets with special/medical or time sensitive prescribed medications needs. GVPS will do its best to maintain consistency in the sitter's arrival time each day and be mindful of time passed between visits.

12. GVPS office hours are open 7 days a week, between 7:30am to 7:30pm. After hours visit inquiries will be handled at the start of the next business day. GVPS reserves the right to charge a late notice fee of $10 per visit for visits scheduled at the last minute ( less than 7 days for overnight/drop in visits and less than 24 hours for same day/next day dog walks). Holidays are a special time and just as do our Clients, we too enjoy spending time with our loved ones. 

13. Client understands and agrees that GVPS operates under the condition that all visits are conducted within time-blocks and do not offer exact times to perform visits. These include mornings (7:30am-10:30am), middays (11am-3:30pm), afternoon/early evenings (4pm-8pm), 2 hour evenings (arrival between 6pm-8pm), and overnight visits (arrival between 8pm-10pm). Time-blocks allow for any unforeseen issues that may arise when multiple Client household visits are scheduled (pet accident & clean-ups, administering of medications, traffic, inclement weather, difficulties entering property, emergency vet visits, etc.). Any Client visit requests after regular business hours (between 8:00pm - 7:30am), less than 24 hours for same day/next day, or less than 7 days for travel pet sitting services will be subject to an additional $10 fee per visit. Client understands that GVPS may extend pet visit business hours to meet the demands of several Clients serviced in one day (this is prevalent during all holidays and summer vacations).

14. All GVPS Sitters are Background Checked, Bonded, Insured and are all required to sign legal documents including a Non-Disclosure Agreement. GVPS is committed to the privacy of our clients, and our sitters are legally required to keep client's information including name, address, and personal details private and secure stored in our Time to Pet online portal. This also stipulates that our sitters may not perform Pet Sitting services outside of GVPS operations. We require that our clients respect this agreement and understand that GVPS sitters are only permitted to complete Pet Sitting work that is cleared with the GVPS Office. Violating this agreement will result in GVPS discontinuing all business-related services with the client, and the Client keys will be disposed of.

15. GVPS may take down basic care information during the initial phone call with our clients. Clients are made aware that GVPS will be sending account access information for their pet care profiles, which must be completed no less than 24 hours before the scheduled Meet & Greet consultation. In the event that verbal care basics initially given to us are the only information GVPS has; GVPS will do its best but are not liable for inaccuracy or lack of any information that is not submitted through the Time to Pet online portal, and the Client will be restricted from booking future visits until required pet care information is completed. Written or typed notes that are “left out” for the sitters within the home will NOT always be honored. ALL pet care updates MUST go through the Time to Pet online portal and be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the Client’s booking. If a checklist or special documentation is needed, the Client may email the office separately only if the client is unable to provide the information through the online portal. GVPS takes every pet and home care seriously and will continuously update our pet sitters with the Client’s most recent information.

16. GVPS is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the control of the pet sitter. This includes, but is not limited to plumbing leaks, electrical problems, and/or acts of nature. In these situations, GVPS will attempt to promptly contact the Client and then the listed emergency contact(s) before making a subjective decision on handling the issue that could affect both property and pet(s). All repairs and related fees (including Special Service emergency service time and coordination fees) will be paid by the Client.

17. GVPS requires that all indoor only pets (such as cats and other small pets “pocket pets” in enclosures) minimally will have 1 visit a day (per 24 hour period). Usually these visits are sufficient for a healthy pet. This is non-negotiable. If the Client does not return home before 8pm on the last scheduled date of service, the Client agrees GVPS will schedule a visit to provide pet care and pays the appropriate additional fees immediately when notified of outstanding invoice.

18. Clients may insist their dogs and cats are given access to go outside without supervision using a pet door in between scheduled visits as they would be when the Client is away from the house, or have pets that live strictly outdoors. Client is responsible for pet-proofing the house and yard including the security of fences/gates/latches for proper containment of pets. GVPS strongly opposes unsupervised outdoor access or 24 hour outside living conditions of pets, but will provide visits when scheduled. GVPS will not be held responsible nor agree to any liability for the safety of any pet(s) in the event of injury, disappearance, death, Client is fined do to breaking city ordinance laws if any pet is allowed unsupervised outdoor access without proper shelter, or damage to the Client’s property in between scheduled visits. GVPS strongly advises to secure the pet(s) in an enclosed environment for the safety of the pet(s) due to outdoor elements (coyotes, neighboring aggressive dogs/cats, inclement weather, vehicles, etc), at all times while the Client is away. 

19. GVPS requires that Clients have fully stocked pet food, poop bags, leashes, collars, pet carrier (transporting pet to vet in an emergency), litter, paper towels, scooper, pet enzyme cleaner, litter pan/box, litter box liners, trash bags, disinfectant sprays/wipes, and any/all other cleaning supplies to properly feed and clean after Client's pet(s). If at any point food supply and/or cleaning supplies run out while GVPS is contracted to take care of Client's pet(s), Client agrees to reimburse for any and all supplies purchased by GVPS and as well as for the supply run per occurrence. Purchase receipt will be provided. Payment for such items shall be paid within three (3) consecutive calendar days after the contracted final visit. If the Client does not have adequate cleaning supplies in the home while GVPS is contracted to provide care for the pet(s), GVPS will use the best judgment to clean up any messes left by the Client's pet(s).

20. Ohio is well known for the quick change of weather conditions. GVPS takes every Client’s pet’s safety very seriously as well as each sitter assigned to a visit. During inclement weather such as heavy downpours, thunder/lightning, tornadic events, ice storms, extreme heat and cold, time spent outside will be shortened for a quick potty break to ensure your dog(s) is safe to limit being exposed to these extreme weather conditions. GVPS will always stay the full duration of a scheduled visit in the event we need to shorten a scheduled dog walk. If for any reason there’s a tornado during our visit, GVPS will do our absolute best to gather up your pet(s) to place them in the innermost secure room in the house for protection. 

21. All dogs and cats (indoor/outdoor) should be up to date on his/her shots within the last 12 months to be serviced. GVPS may require proof of vaccinations, specifically rabies and bordetella(current records and/or tags). Please note that sitter cares for many Clients' pets, and does everything to prevent exposing other pets that may be vulnerable to illnesses (autoimmune deficiencies, cancers, age, etc). GVPS strongly encourages that your pet is up-to-date and/or receives the Titers test (speak to your veterinarian) to verify he/she is vaccinated against all transmittable diseases. Not only are you putting your pet(s) at risk of exposure, but that of the sitter and other Clients' pets placed in our care. All boarding dogs are required to upload proof of current vaccinations. Bordetella vaccines have to be done within 6 months prior to boarding. Puppies have to be fully vaccinated (older than 12 weeks) to board.

22. All overnight visits scheduled with GVPS are under the assumption that the Client's house is vacant of all family members, friends, roommates, neighbors, house cleaners, indoor and outdoor maintenance personnel, etc. GVPS will not perform an overnight visit with other people in the home between the hours of 8pm through 7:30am. If someone not employed by GVPS is within the Client's residence during those specified times and refuses to leave the residence, GVPS reserves the right to charge for the aforementioned hours contracted to perform the pet sitting visit(s), and will leave the residence. GVPS will return the following morning to resume pet care as scheduled. Client acknowledges this is for the sitter's safety. No refunds/credits will be given should this occur as the Client is aware this time slot is reserved for performing this premium service.

23. GVPS does not allow for "job-sharing". This states that while GVPS is contracted to perform requested pet visits within the Client's home, anyone not associated with and/or employed by GVPS shall not share any pet sitting/dog walking visits as this is a violation of GVPS's policy. If Client is insistent that someone not associated with and/or employed by GVPS share pet sitting/dog walking duties while GVPS is contracted to provide care for the Client's pet(s), the Client agrees to absolve GVPS of all responsibility of Client's pet(s) and residential/personal property. This includes but not limited to temporary house guests, housekeepers, indoor and outdoor maintenance and construction personnel, pool service persons, neighbors, friends, and/or anyone that does not reside full time within the Client's listed address where the Client's pet(s) live.

24. If the Client's flights or other means of transportation are delayed or plans are changed during the contracted pet visit period, GVPS must be alerted immediately, so as to accommodate the pet's needs with additional visits until the Client is safely back home. Rates will apply for additional visits, and Client agrees to pay the unpaid portion upon his/her return home within twenty four (24) hours of the final visit.

24. Dog owner understands the risks involved with communal boarding of dogs. Our boarding dogs sometimes play both outside and inside with other dogs. Although we will offer reasonable care, the unpredictable personality of dogs can sometimes lead to injury. Dog owner agrees that any problem that develops with their dog will be treated as deemed best by GVPS and full financial responsibility for all expenses will be assumed by the dog owner.

25. GVPS understands that family members, close friends, neighbors, etc that do not reside with the same home may have individual pets that enjoy spending time together within the Client's homes while Client(s) is away. GVPS cannot service a home with “visiting” pets that do not belong to the resident of the service site without paying appropriate service fees and completing a separate account through the Time to Pet online portal which must be acknowledged and completed by each rightful owner(s). Each Client must fill out appropriate Client forms through the Time to Pet online portal to ensure proper care and billing. This is non-negotiable.

26. GVPS management must be made fully aware of all entries and alarm codes, via the service agreement prior to starting any job. GVPS understands the need for security within the Client's home, and will do everything in our power to reassure the Client that all information is kept confidential. Any newly installed alarm systems the Client must notify GVPS as to not set off the alarm when entering/exiting the home as long as GVPS is contracted to service the Client. Client understands and agrees that if information is relayed to sitters only and not the GVPS office, GVPS cannot guarantee that every detail will be followed. In order to keep accurate information and details consistent for each Client, GVPS requires updated information submitted by the Client through the Time to Pet online portal.

27. GVPS believes every Client has the right to have security cameras to monitor both home and pet activity, and encourages the use to better protect what is precious to the Client. GVPS requires that any electronic surveillance cameras inside and outside the Client's property should be brought to the attention of GVPS. When GVPS is providing overnight visits for your pets, it is the right of GVPS to maintain privacy in the bedroom and bathroom designated for use by the Client while providing pet care. It must be disclosed if there are cameras anywhere the sitter will be using the bathroom and sleeping at night. Not disclosing this is a direct violation of GVPS service agreement, and GVPS will exercise the right to promptly end all overnight visits if Client does not inform GVPS of cameras in those two designated areas. Client understands that all pet care will resume the following morning with multiple daily visits (as GVPS sees fit) as a replacement of overnight care instead. Fees associated with overnight care will not be reimbursed as the reservations for this premium service cannot otherwise be fulfilled when other clients may have been declined for the same service. GVPS does take the Client's home and pet security very seriously, and equally so with the sitter's privacy. Cameras used include are as follows: wireless/wired cameras, closed circuit TV monitors, analog, HD-SDI, spy/hidden, tablets, digital phones, webcams, and any other form of live feed/recorded video and/or audio recording device. Please understand that this is solely for the privacy of the GVPS sitter when changing clothes, using the restroom for personal business, and sleeping.

28. Authorization to Administer Medication: Medications administered per Client's instructions. Client holds GVPS harmless in the event the pet has any adverse reactions to prescribed medications. Client understands that GVPS will do everything in our power to safely administer medications at requested times, however in the event the pet refuses medication either by snapping, biting, scratching, and/or showing any other sign of aggressive behavior towards the pet sitter, GVPS may not successfully be able to administer the medications as requested. The Client understands that if this situation arises, GVPS will contact the listed emergency contacts Client has provided to help administer the medications (including his/her veterinarian). Applicable service fees may be charged if GVPS needs to transport the pet to/from the veterinarian to administer medications.

29. Ready Key Program Client Authorization: The Client accepts enrollment into the Ready Key program authorized by electronically signing to the service agreement. As a participant, Client agrees to provide GVPS with two (2) working sets of keys to access the Client's home. This is to ensure the GVPS sitter has one (1) set of keys on the person when performing visits, and the second set acts as a backup remaining securely stored at the GVPS office key lockbox. If Client fails to provide a second key copy, Client acknowledges and authorizes GVPS to make a second set to store in GVPS secured office key lockbox at the Client’s expense. The second set of Client's keys stored may be used in emergency scenarios; such as a lockout (Client or sitter), tend to a sick/injured animal, sitter emergency, primary key breaks, or sensitive circumstances requiring management attention. Client understands that GVPS and its employees will take all precautions to safeguard and protect the identity of the Client's house keys. Registration in the Ready Key program will allow GVPS to accept the Client's reservations for future services with less notice than is normally required. Retention of additional keys in the company's office will ensure continued care for the Client's pet(s) by an authorized company representative in the event the regularly assigned pet sitter is unable to perform pet care duties. Client agrees to hold GVPS harmless for any loss, damage or injury of any kind to pet(s), home, and or personal property of the listed address in the Client's profile during periods that the Client is under written contract for pet care provided by GVPS if the Client does not secure all exterior doors and gates prior to sitters' arrival.

30. The Client understands that in the event of failed battery backup on electrical entrances, power outages, or malfunction of the entrance device, manual house keys are the best option of entering the Client's home to safely care for the Client's pet without delay. Garage/gate/house key-coded entries will not act as the only source of entry to provide care, and the Client understands that GVPS does not accept this as the only form of entrance into the Client's home. In the event that the Client does not provide two (2) sets of working house keys the Client absolves GVPS of all responsibility of pet care due to the refusal of providing two (2) sets of house keys if unable to enter the Client's residence. Client has been informed of the seriousness and potentially life-threatening or fatal risks of using garage-door / keyless only entry, and the Client agrees to hold GVPS harmless from any and all pet related injuries or accidents if GVPS is unable to gain entry into the Client's home of without a working house key issued to GVPS.

31. The Client acknowledges this agreement which may be terminated by either party within a 48 hour advance notification through the Time to Pet online portal. Client may decide to terminate any services with GVPS and request keys and/or gate/garage remote be returned to the Client either dropping it off to the address listed in the Time to Pet online portal account, meet at a designated location agreed by both the Client and GVPS, or mailed back to the Client (only sent via USPS certified mail with return receipt - Client agrees to pay for shipping/handling). If Client requests keys and all home access devices to be returned, and then later requests the items be picked up for a separate set of pet sit visits, the Client agrees to pay the $25 per round trip occurrence.

32. GVPS will need any electronic keys such as fobs, swipe cards, keyless entry downloadable apps and/or key codes prior to starting any job. GVPS will pick up all keys/electronic devices at the initial consultation, and agrees to leave them in a designated secure location after the last completed scheduled visit when requested by the Client. If GVPS does not have a copy of Client keys/fob for any future appointments, Client agrees to paying an additional fee to pick up or drop off keys/fobs starting at $25 per round trip. If GVPS is not instructed ahead of time to leave keys at a designated location instructed by the Client on the last pet visit, a charge may be incurred for a separate drop off.

33. The Client may choose to purchase a key lockbox to store anywhere on the Client's property for GVPS to use while providing pet care. If a Client does not provide a backup key or hide a backup on the premises, it is understood a locksmith may need to be employed in extreme situations. At no fault of GVPS, Client agrees to reimburse GVPS should a Locksmith be called out to gain access to Client's house if the key fails. GVPS is not liable for unsecured keys left on property by the Client, and Client is aware this may compromise the security of the Client's home.

34. GVPS requires full payment no later than the first date of scheduled services, and retains the right to charge Clients for all services rendered. New Clients must pay balance in full when requesting reservations of services at the time of the initial free consultation in order to secure specific dates of services. Once established, Client may pay through the integrated payment processor within the Time to Pet online portal, through the Zelle App or arrange pay in cash on the first visit. 

35. Daily Dog Walks cancellations: For ongoing weekly scheduled dog walk visits, GVPS requires payment at the beginning of the week (Monday). Cancellations must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance from the scheduled visit time-block (morning/midday/afternoon-evening) to avoid the full rate charge associated with the next day scheduled visit(s). As long as the cancellation meets the criteria, any prepaid amount will be applied as a credit towards future service visits up to 90 days from the original date of scheduled service. This applies for both daily dog walks or one day's service. Only exceptions to waiving fees: an act of God, inclement weather, hazardous driving conditions, flight cancellations (proof of airline receipt will be required), tornadic activity, fire devastation, or immediate family and pet emergency/death. 

36. Cancellations pertaining to all non-holiday pet sit visits and boarding: drop ins, 2 hour extended evening, and overnight visits require a 50% deposit to reserve at least fourteen (14) days before the first scheduled visit. Any cancellations made must be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the first visit to avoid being charged. If a cancellation request is received in less than 7 days, GVPS reserves the right to charge 50% of the full balance of the booked trip. Less than forty-eight (48) hours, the Client's account will be charged the full rate. There will be no credits or refunds. Meeting the requirement to avoid forfeiting a paid deposit: a credit may be designated to future visits for up to 90 days of the first date of original pet sit visit request. Only exceptions to waiving fees: an act of God, inclement weather, hazardous driving conditions, flight cancellations (proof of airline receipt will be required), tornadic activity, fire devastation, or immediate family and pet emergency/death. 

37. Holiday and Boarding Reservations and Cancellations: GVPS requires minimally a 50% non-refundable deposit for all listed days within this clause. There will be no credits or refunds for cancellations, early returns, or reservation changes. No exceptions. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. If the Client reserves, then cancels at a later date, Client understands that other Clients are being turned away due to those reservations blocking out availability and will be charged accordingly. Due to the high demand for pet care services during this period, GVPS will apply increased holiday rates during (regular) national bank, Federal Reserve and religious holidays and will be notified upon receipt of quoted invoice. The following applies to all drop in pet sit visits, dog walks, 2 hour extended evening overnight visits and any and all boarding: 

Regular Holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

President's Day Weekend

Passover (sundown/sundown) 

Good Friday/Easter Weekend 

Memorial Day Weekend 

Independence Day (may include surrounding days) 

Labor Day Weekend 

Yom Kippur (sundown/sundown) 

Columbus Day Weekend 

Veteran's Day (may include weekend). 

**Premium Holiday season: 

Thanksgiving (Weds through Sun): non-refundable deposit due no later than 11/01.

Christmas & New Year's Day (12/18 - 1/01): non-refundable deposit due no later than 12/01. *Requests made after their respective due dates and there is availability, the non-refundable deposit automatically increases to 75% of the total invoice and balance is due on the first date of services. 

38. Late payment: To avoid any late payments, the Client agrees to submitting payment due before or on the start of first scheduled visit. If payment has not been made at the appropriate time GVPS requires, Client will be subjected to a $25 late fee after three (3) consecutive calendar days from the last visit provided, and possibly any additional fees until collection of payment has been made. GVPS reserves the right to not provide any future pet visits as long as the bill is outstanding. GVPS requires all future pet visit requests be paid in full at the time of booking request before the request is approved.

39. Client understands that GVPS has many pets to take care of. It is the Client's responsibility to have accurate and detailed notes in the portal regarding all pet(s) and home care to efficiently provide excellent services to the Client. 

40. Client understands GVPS staff are not horticulturists and agrees that any and all plant care is not guaranteed. GVPS will follow instructions provided by Client to water plants, however GVPS will not guarantee the life of the plants, outside of standard basic care. 

41. GVPS strives to ensure the Client’s pets are 100% healthy, happy, and safe upon being reunited after any length apart (excludes any pre-exisiting medical issues noted by Client). GVPS asks that the Client logs into the Time to Pet online portal to mark the specific set of visits provided as completed to make GVPS aware the Client has returned home safely. If GVPS doesn't hear back from the Client within 12 hours of the scheduled arrival time, GVPS will attempt to contact the Client to check in with the Client and pet(s). If Client is unreachable, GVPS will continue to service your pet(s) at the same scheduled time blocks until the Client responds, and service rates will apply. It truly gives peace of mind knowing your pet is being taken care of. Please do everything possible to check in with GVPS.

42. GVPS reserves the right to take photos/videos of Client's pets to share with the Client. These photos, as well as the pet's name, may appear as promotional images for GVPS on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. GVPS strictly prohibits photographs/videos of Client’s personal possessions, property, or other private information. GVPS will never disclose client identity. This is simply to share how much fun we have with Client's pets, and we would love to connect with you online! Be sure to like and follow our pages to see your animal featured as a Star! See our social media links below within the Time to Pet online portal. 

43. GVPS requires a valid credit card number on file for Clients in order to process when there is a service request made. The Client can choose to pay using the Zelle App or cash as the primary form of payment. GVPS requires a credit card on file to use as a backup in case the Client accidentally forgets to pay using the Zelle App or leave cash. GVPS retains the right to charge clients for services rendered if there is an outstanding balance. GVPS is not required to alert clients prior to processing this payment. Payments will be processed accordingly based on the type of service requested – please ensure adequate funds are available ahead of time. Furthermore, clients will always receive an invoice of their detailed services rendered once payment is processed as their receipt of services conducted. If there are any changes to credit card numbers, the Client must update the new information personally into your Time to Pet online portal account. Any delays in payment due to being provided with inaccurate information, or failure to update your information prior to the start date of services may result in an additional late fee per day thereafter. GVPS always appreciates gratuities for the sitters.

44. Client understands that by creating an account through the Time to Pet online portal, Client is solely responsible for providing accurate, current and detailed information to allow GVPS to properly and efficiently care for Client’s pets. Client understands that using the Time to Pet online portal for scheduling pet sit visits is not finalized until confirmed by GVPS. Client acknowledges that the policies reviewed within the Time to Pet online portal outlines a comprehensive list of its services, policies, and procedures. Client also authorizes this contract to be valid approval for future services, so as to permit GVPS to accept request reservations through the Time to Pet online portal and enter the Client's premises without additional signed service agreements. Upon electronically signing this agreement the Client is informing GVPS that he/she has read the service agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions. Client acknowledges that at any time GVPS can update policies, rates, and services. Client understands that any changes to the service agreement can be found within the Time to Pet online portal for further clarification. GVPS will inform the client of any changes made in writing through the Time to Pet online portal which can be reviewed and signed accordingly by the Client. The terms of this document apply to all the pets owned by the Client, including any and all new pets that the Client obtains on or after the date the service agreement has been signed, at any and all locations the owner designates for service. 

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