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Just Like Home Lodging

The Best for Your Pet

We offer “just like home” dog boarding where your dog lives and is treated like a member of our family. This type of boarding is healthier for your dogs because they experience less stress and anxiety than a kennel or boarding facility. It feels “just like home.” We cater to your individual pet needs and love them like our own. Dogs all have free roam of the 1/2 acre fenced backyard and home. If they sleep in or are crated when you are away at home we will continue to do so when they board. We do daily enrichment activities like treat hunts and puzzles, snuffle mats, lickimats and more. 

 *Only 4 dogs are ever boarded at one time, up to 10 spots available for day care. Dogs are never alone for more than 3.5 hour increments and are monitored periodically via cameras.

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Is this a good fit for your dog?

Any dogs with a history of food, toy or any other form of aggression towards people, young children or animals are not candidates for this service.

My boarding option is great for the more anxious or attention seeking dogs, puppies or dogs that just prefer to be with other people or animals. I am very selective about what dogs are able to board with me. All prospective boarders must come for a 4 hour temperament assessment before they can be scheduled, this is a $40 fee and includes free pick up and drop off if in Granville. Dogs must have their vaccines up to date with Bordetella within the last 6 months of the assessment. It must be over 2 weeks since receiving the vaccines because it is a live virus. Record's must be uploaded into the online portal prior to pickup.

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Price List

Available Now


Just Like Home Lodging

This is the price per night stay, this includes pick up and drop off by appointment in the Granville school district.


Puppy Lodging

Just like our regular lodging but used for all dogs under 1 year old and any dog not yet fully potty trained.

Just Like Home Lodging: Price List

Boarding Checklist

  • Printed and signed emergency vet authorization form (found in online portal or emailed upon request)

  • All vaccine records uploaded in time to pet

  • Bordetella no more than 6 months old no less than 2 weeks before boarding

  • Enough food for the length of stay

  • Bedding

  • An item that smells like their human (old shirt, towel, blanket)

  • Collar with current contact information

  • Toys are okay as long as you are okay with it being destroyed. I am can not be held liable for any items.

  • Non retractable leash 

  • Download the time to pet app to get your daily reports and pictures.

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