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Pet Sitting

Putting Your Pet First

We understand that there is much more to your pets than just setting out food and water. We of course provide the basics such as feeding, fresh water, exercise and meticulous litter box care. More importantly, we take the time to get to know your individual pet’s personality and tailor our services to best suit their needs.

Pet Sitting: Services

Price List

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15 min Drop in Visit

This can be used for a mid-day potty break, cats or pocket pets. Not suitable for visits for dogs that need to be fed. Fresh water and cuddles included.


30 minute visit

Perfect amount of time to let the dogs out, feed and then let them out again to play and cuddle. Or if your dog needs to be fed and then walked.


45 minute visit

Perfect for the pets that need extra attention, multiple pet households, or those that like extended time outside.

Pet Sitting: Price List
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